Something from Nothing

The new podcast hosted by author Matt Betts.

Join Matt as he talks with artists, authors, cosplayers,

editors, poets, musicians and other inventive people

about inspiration and creativity.

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Episode 1: Push the Button, Frank

Guests include

  • Trace Beaulieu and Frank Conniff from The Mads, Cinematic Titanic and Mystery Science Theater 3000
  • KW Taylor of the Positively Pop Culture Podcast
  • Mike Liddy of the Johnny Legs Boys

Episode 2: I’ve been everywhere, man

Guests include

  • Marc Bowker, Owner of Alter Ego Comics
  • Author Mercedes Yardley
  • Author Cynthia Pelayo

Episode 3: One Episode to Rule Them All

Guests include

  • Author Tim Waggoner
  • Nerd of the Rings with Mike Liddy
  • Author Tiffany Mosher

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