Carson of Venus Thrilling Adventures from the Planet Amtor!

EnterERBUweb3 Carson of Venus: The Edge of all Worlds kicks off the all-new

adventures of some of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ iconic characters!


Edge of all Worlds picks up the adventures of Carson Napier and his exploits on Venus.

The book launches the new ERB Universe and the new Swords of Eternity arc!




Carson of Venus: The Eye of Amtor is the three-issue comic prequel

to the  novel Carson of Venus: The Edge of All Worlds!

Written by Mike Wolfer based on a story by Matt Betts.

Available from American Mythology Comics with cover art by Cover art by Vincenzo Carratu.




Keep an EYE out for the first issue in early 2020! Check the American Mythology site for ordering information!



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