ERBI’m thrilled to finally (FINALLY!) be able to announce that I’m officially writing for Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc! Burroughs is the creator of Tarzan, The Warlord of MarsAt the Earth’s Core, and The Land That Time Forgot (To name a few.)

I’ll continue a series that Burroughs began with the character Carson Napier. Carson is an adventuring earth man who finds himself stuck on Venus.

The book I’m writing is called The Edge of All Worlds. My novel will be part of an exciting line-up of novels that revive a number of the author’s series. I’m thrilled that it’s not only the first book of these new adventures, but it sets up events that will echo through the books to come. All of these new books will be part of a larger ERB Universe, which will end up entailing a lot of new projects, many I don’t even know about yet!

For more information on the grand plan for the ERB Universe, check out the official website!


As a science fiction author, I’m honored to be a part of bringing these new stories to life. Burroughs has been a favorite author of mine since I was a kid, and his work is still a blast to read.

My family recently took a vacation to visit relatives in Florida and we took a side trip to the Kennedy Space Center. One of the first areas we explored was their Hall of Heroes, a huge exhibit that presented the history of the American space program, focusing on the astronauts. In the opening video, many of the pilots talked about their love of science fiction and the early pulp magazines and films.

IMG_6892We went downstairs where various alcoves discussed the thing that brought the early astronauts to the space program. The first one was again about inspirations. There, on the top section of the first area, was a familiar sight. In the months before the trip, I’d read and read Burroughs’ books in the Carson series, so I immediately recognized an early edition of oneIMG_6780 of the books in the Carson of Venus series Escape on Venus.


The idea that early explorers of space were inspired by the tales that I now had a chance to be a part of was dizzying to me.

And now, back home and working on the new book, it still is. I’m having so much fun writing this, I can hardly explain. I look forward to working with Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc, and publications director Christopher Paul Carey as we bring this one to life.

I’m also excited that PulpFest is just around the corner. I can’t wait to get together with pulp writers and readers and discuss this amazing project!