This is a quick one. I’m not going to go into too much detail about the poem itself, it was inspired by comic books and cartoons. I loved how the police in comics were always waiting when the superhero showed up with villain. They were just standing there doing nothing most of the time. And that was where I started with that one.

The title was actually the hard part for me. I couldn’t decide what to name the titular police officer. I went through a slew of names from famous cops…

Starsky, Barnaby Jones, Poncherello,that guy from Hill Street Blues, that other guy from NYPD Blue.

I was watching Lethal Weapon (as most poets do) and the movie came to the gun range scene where Riggs shows exactly how good he is with a gun. As the scene plays out, the PA system is making announcements. S

Eventually one announcement says

“Officer white please pick up line three… Officer white line three.”

That was enough for me. The rest is history. More or less.