I occasionally like to dissect my poems for your enjoyment and to prove inspiration comes from all over the place. This one is more a mini-mortem.

The Poem “Officer White Takes a Sick Day” was in my first collection and it’s a favorite of mine to read at open mics and whatnot. It’s a look at a police officer who has grown tired of how ineffectual he and his fellow officers have become since superheroes have begun thwarting all the crime. They’re lazy, and let the heroes do all the work.

I got to write a poem on a nerdy subject that I really enjoy and it was a fun poem to write. Sometimes a poems really take a lot of engineering-it takes sweat and perseverance, you know… work. But this one was a relatively smooth one that didn’t change much as I edited.

There was one problem. Just one. The title was giving me problems. I had a the general noting of the police officer deciding not to go into work, but I was really concerned about what to name the police officer. It seems like a minor detail.