I have a lot of books. I generally take good care of them, but I’m not that worried about their condition because they’re well-used and well-read.

This is a different matter altogether. I’m afraid to read this book for fear of smudging it, or breathing on it wrong.

It’s Urban Horrors from Dark Harvest Press. I won it in a raffle years ago along with a few other books. I was happy enough to win it, (I mean look at that list of contributors!) but when I opened, I saw the two signature pages-autographs from a dozen of the amazing contributors! Some of the greats in horror and scifi had taken a pen to those pages-Landsdale, the Mathesons, Etchison, its a who’s-who Of people I’ve read all my life.

I know, a book is meant to be read, not left on a shelf, but for now I still have trouble reading past the autographs.