I traveled to Leesburg Virginia over the weekend to speak at the Pennwriters Project Runway conference over the weekend.

Long drive.

Leesburg is in an area rich in the history of the American Civil War. It’s surrounded by battlefields and cemeteries and monuments to the conflict and the people who fought it. My first book, Odd Men Out, takes place during the war, as does its upcoming sequel, so I recognized a lot of the names of these people and places from my research.

I managed a few stops, but not many. I was way behind in my drive, mainly due to construction. I managed to take very few pictures on this trip, but this shot of the white blossoms.

The conference was great. I haven’t attended a one-day conference in a while and this one was a very informative two-track schedule that covered a lot of business-type topics, among other things. I’m a huge fan of Pennwriters. If you’re a writer in the area, or around Pennsylvania, the surrounding states, whatever, I seriously suggest trying them out. Their annual conference, much larger than this one, is amazing.

I got to see some friends from previous cons, made new friends and learned a lot along the way. Writers conferences always reinvigorate me and get me charged up for writing. Occasionally events like this remind me that we all write for our own reasons. Not everyone does it for the love, some do it for money, and I’m still shocked when authors look for fame. There are a a billion reasons in between.

Sometimes I need reminded of that. Every writer that wants to finish a novel, a short story, a poem, or whatever, finds a reason to sit down, put on their Writer Face, and get it done.

The next day, I woke up early and drove to Harper’s Ferry. I didn’t spend much time there, but managed to get a nice shot of sunrise over the woods above the town.

It was a long drive there and back for a short con, but I think it was worth it.

What gets you writing? What’s your motivation to keep doing it even when it isn’t going well?

Hope to see you at the next conference!