I’m thrilled that my new book The Shadow Beneath the Waves is out now from Severed Press!



When I write, I use pictures to help me focus on a character. I’m not really thinking of who I would cast in a movie, if one ever gets made, I’m really looking for a picture or pictures that tell me something about that particular person in my book. Usually, I have a general idea of what I want them to look like, but an image really helps me get to know them better. So, here’s a look at the actors, actresses and other people that inspired The Shadow Beneath the Waves. First, here’s some the team of adventurers from the Adamant…




Cassidy “Cass” Palmer – Member of the Adamant’s crew. I love Rebecca Ferguson. She’s had some incredible characters these last few years and I really think she can d o no wrong. I thought of her immediately when I was trying to make the character of Cass come alive on the page.




Martin Taylor – The rich, daring, adventurous leader of the treasure-hunters. I had a hard time zeroing in on this character until I saw some pictures of Richard Branson. He’s my inspiration for the spirit of the character, though I see Taylor as more and more reluctant to take those risks.







Ozzie and Takas Suvari – Two brothers on the team – I love Jason Mantzoukas for the How did this get Made podcast, and his numerous tv and movie appearances. His humor was something I wanted to inject into the character, even if just a little bit.







And Riz Ahmed seemed like a perfect foil for Takas, as his brother Ozzie. Riz was wonderful in Rogue One.






Rina Asume was fleshed out in the book thanks to actress Kiko Mizuhara. She is in the live-action version of Attack on Titan.




I’ll be back soon to talk about more characters from the book!