I’m really excited to announce my new book The Shadow Beneath the Waves is now available from Severed Press!

It was a blast to write about giant robots, giant monsters, and the crew of adventurers that gets tangled up with both. I hope you have as much fun reading it as I did writing it!

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A group of treasure-hunters hits the high seas chasing a tip from a mysterious source. If it’s true, it could be their biggest score yet-literally-a massive robot the size of a skyscraper lost since the last war, worth a sizable reward, and bragging rights. But in trying to the raise the Cudgel, the crew of the Adamant accidentally unleashes a beast trapped by the battle machine years ago. The giant monster awakens to complete its war-time mission to destroy the Pacific Northwest. Using their wits, their experience and a few contacts in the government, the crew sets out to fix their mistake and stop the menace.

Can a handful of eccentric sailors resurrect the gigantic robot in time to stop the vicious creature’s assault?

“An ode to pulp adventure, Betts weaves a slow-burning mixture equal parts Pacific Rim and Congo.” – Monster Dear Monster podcast

“Shadow Beneath the Waves’ is like an 80s monster flick, but it’s happening in my brain.” — Joe Crowe, RevolutionSF.com