img_5910My selfie partner and good friend, Stephanie Wytovich, will be joining me for a killer event on Halloween weekend! We’ll be taking part in Halloween ComicFest at Alter Ego Comics in my hometown of Lima, Ohio. We’ll be signing books from noon to 2pm on October 29th!

The two of us are also the first two winners of Raw Dog Screaming Press’ annual Reader’s the-eighthChoice Award. I won the first year, Stephanie the second… and we’re both up the award the third year! How can you resist the chance to meet the two champs in the same place at the same time!?

Stephanie’s first novel, The Eighth, is due out in early October, so this event will be one of the first chances you’ll have to get the book and get it signed! You want to be able to brag about that to your friends, right? I thought so!

1462899_10152486092689616_1847422388_nI’ve taken part in the event before and had an absolute blast! There’s costume contests, free comics, a zombie walk, and more. It always draws a lot of people to downtown Lima, and other area businesses get involved as well.

Stephanie and I have a history of chasing down people in costumes to take pictures with us, so this is should be so much fun. We’re looking forward to ghosts, goblins, demons and devils! We need zombies-soooo many zombies- to take comicfest4pictures with! Come show us your costume!