My urban fantasy book, Indelible Ink, is in the running for the Raw Dog Screaming Press Reader’s Choice Award this year and voting end really soon. So, if you haven’t voted yet, go do it here. Aren’t convinced? Let me entice you to vote by at least amusing you a little with this list of quick trivia and behind-the-scenes stuff I’ve kept to myself from the writing of the book.


ONE – Deena’s power is referred to as “Shadow Energy” in the book. I was looking for something to call this thing inside her that allowed her to do what she does. I was trying to find a unique term for it, when I stumbled across a few articles by Deepak Chopra talking about shadow energy and I adopted the term. He says “No matter how free you feel from shadow energies, they exist inside you.” Which is both creepy and introspective.


TWO – The techie government agent Pel was inspired by one of my favorite TV characters, Parker from the show Leverage.  Actress Beth Riesgraf created her as a quirky, introverted, funny thief who barely works well with others, which is how I saw Pel.



THREE – A number of characters underwent sudden emergency sex changes during revisions. I felt I needed a better balance of men and women on the opposing sides. Pel was a man right up until one of the final drafts, and Stanley Yuko was a woman named Sora.



chameleon_tablet_morningScreenFOUR – Speaking of Sora — I had started a draft of this book years before it was published. Years. And I was so excited to give Sora a tablet to use in one scene. I was worried it might not be believable because they were so new. Of course by the time the book was published, tablets weren’t really as neat and keen as I had made them out to be. Suppose I should write a little faster next time before technology passes me by.



FIVE – The book started with a short story that was published long before the book was written. When I revisited the story to start developing the plot, I rewrote the short story as more science fiction. Instead of sitting next to her target on a plane, the new version took place on a shuttle going from one ship to the next. I ended up dropping that angle because I wanted to focus the book on the crime element rather than the science fiction aspect.


So there you have it. Five fast facts from behind the scenes of writing Indelible Ink. Now go vote for it!

Just because I like you, here’s a GIF of Beth Riesgraf being Parker-y.