We are closing in on the Dog Star Books/Raw Dog Screaming Press invasion of Cleveland 1430084325ConCoction on March 11! This is our first trip to the con and we’re looking forward to it! We’ll be participating in panels, throwing a party and celebrating the launch of two books! As we continue the countdown clock, let’s meet some of the authors who will be in attendance.starrie_big_lightened

Heidi Ruby Miller is one of my favorite people. She was the editor for my first book, Odd Men Out, she wrote the foreword to my second book, Indelible Ink, and she got me involved with speculative poetry, which ultimately led to my latest book, a collection of poetry called Underwater Fistfight.

Heidi’s books include the AMBASADORA series–she’ll be debuting Starrie, a new novel set in the world of Ambasadora at Cleveland ConCoction. She also teaches creative writing at Seton Hill University. 

“Miller’s short third novel in the space-faring, caste-bound, hierarchically polyamorous, and socially striated Ambasadora universe (after 2013’s Greenshift) manages to balance the exoticized presentation of the setting with relatable human interaction…the romance between Ben and Naela highlights the emotional side of reaching out to those who are different from you, even in a world where those differences are stylized and codified.”
-Publisher’s Weekly

2001We’ll launch Starrie and Underwater Fistfight together at a party on Friday night of the con. Come join us! In the meantime, lets ask Heidi a couple of questions. 

What’s your favorite scifi novel and why?
Arthur C. Clarke’s 2001 series–he made me believe that “elderly” is just a state of mind and I’ve always been hopeful about growing older, partly due to his incredibly positive vision of aging in the future.fifth element

Name your favorite character from a scifi movie and why?
The cast of The Fifth Element–this movie was so ahead of its time and completely unlike anything else out there in the space opera genre. My husband and I still watch it all the time and constantly quote from it. Just a gorgeous concept from Luc Besson and awesome characters portrayed by the perfect actors for those roles. “Are we green?”

Heidi Ruby Miller_BlackwaterThanks Heidi Ruby Miller! See you in Cleveland! Find out more about Heidi  here:

AMAZON: amazon.com/author/heidirubymiller
WEBSITE: www.heidirubymiller.com
TWITTER: @heidirubymiller
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