1430084325We are closing in on the Dog Star Books/Raw Dog Screaming Press invasion of Cleveland ConCoction on March 11! This is our first trip to the con and we’re looking forward to it! We’ll be participating in panels, throwing a party and celebrating the launch of two books! As we steelstart the countdown clock, let’s meet some of the authors who will be in attendance.

J.L. Gribble is the author of Steel Victory, the Co-Editor of the Far Worlds anthology, and a graduate of the Seton Hill Writing Popular Fiction program. 

Three quick questions for J.L. Gribble… Go!

What’s your favorite scifi novel and why?

primaryPrimary Inversion, by Catherine Asaro I think this is my favorite because it’s not just a scifi novel. Part of what I love about the speculative fiction genre is that everything can also be part of a greater whole. Primary Inversion is a space opera, a military tale, a love story, and a fantastic adventure rolled into one. It’s the story of one kickass heroine that also introduces us to her extended family, which is a fun exception to the loner hero stereotype in scifi. This novel is the first in the sprawling saga of the Skolian Empire series, all of which have been sucking me in for years and greatly influencing how I tell my own stories.

Name your favorite character from a scifi movie and why? 

I’m going to cheat. It’s the Avengers from Marvel’s The_Avengers_AssembledThe Avengers. I’m not just saying that because I can’t pick one hero out of the bunch (though I do basically adore them all). Instead, the Avengers working together as a team is my favorite aspect of the film. After seeing all of the characters (well, most of the characters) (come on, someone make me a Hawkeye and Black Widow movie already) evolve individually, it was amazing to see how they all came together and created one whole out of many.

What’s your favorite piece of technology from a scifi movie or tv show that has now become a reality?

carTravelEuropeI’m going to cheat again, because it’s not something from a movie or television. (I’m really bad at this interview, apparently.) I intentionally bought a rubberized protective case for my smartphone, because there is a convenient shelf area in my car right behind the steering wheel. When I place my phone there, it doesn’t block anything important. (Who needs to know their RPMs when they have a continuously variable automatic transmission?) Presto! Instant video game-style mini-map when I load up the GPS on long car trips. Constantly updated directions, time and distance left in journey, and traffic status—all hands-free as I gribble-photo-colorwander through the world like it’s my own personal open-world MMORPG.


Thanks J.L. Gribble! See you in Cleveland! Find out more about J.L. here:
Web site: www.jlgribble.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jlgribblewriter
Twitter/Instagram: @hannaedits
STEEL VICTORY available from Amazon or Dog Star Books