The last time I was home, my mom handed me a binder full of trading cards she’d accumulated from around the house over the years. Supposedly they were all mine, but I really don’t remember some of them. Rest assured, they’re all pretty pop culture nerdy.

Explore them with me, won’t you?

Let’s start with probably the oldest group of cards-Tarzan. These cards are dated 1966, sooooo they couldn’t possibly be something I bought myself, since I wasn’t born yet. Maybe we picked them up at a garage sale or flea market?

These trading cards have really gorgeous artwork depicting Edgar Rice Burroughs’ classic characters.


Whoa-oh here they come.

Remember that time Tarzan fought Iron  Man? No, not that Iron Man. A different Iron Man. 


It was just old man Jenkins, Scoob.


Tug of death? Looks more like he’s being drawn and quartered.

Or when Tarzan swung all the way into the city, into a television studio, and stopped that assassination attempt?

Next time I’ll turn the page and check out various Star Trek cards, from the original show and the first movie.