DogCon Approaches!

People of Philadelphia get ready, because DogCon 4 is coming your way.

DogCon is an annual conference put on by my publisher, Raw Dog Screaming Press. It’s a great time where we get a bunch of RDSP and Dog Star Books authors together and do a weekend full of events.

We did Dog Con 2 here in Columbus, where I got to meet a number of the authors for the first time. We had a launch for Dog Star Books, and my novel, Odd Men Out, with readings at Kafe Kerouac and The Bexley Library, a fun event at the Thurber Center and more. The pictures here are from those events.

Jason Jack Miller

Jason Jack Miller reads at Kafe Kerouac

I think what’s exciting about DogCon is the diversity of events. There’s generally something for a casual reader to attend where they’ll be entertained by a reading, or something just absolutely immersive, like a ghost tour or concert.

Stephanie Wytovich

Stephanie Wytovich signing at The Bexley Library.

There’s books, there’s signings, there’s plenty of time from a one-on-one discussion about writing, and it still ends up being fun for attendees and the authors that are present.

Steven Archer

Steven Archer getting attacked by children.


The whole team at The Thurber Center.

Looking at these pictures from 2013, it’s hard to believe how far Dog Star Books has grown. It launched with three titles at that DogCon. Now I’d actually have to take the time to count the number of books and authors with them now. (I’m not actually going to count, because I’m lazy and ME+MATH=DUH.)


Hanging out at dinner.

DogCon 4 in Philadelphia promises to be just as entertaining as the others.

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 23RD • 7 PM – Michael Arnzen will present  “The Uncanny Valley” at Meagher Theater,
on the campus of Neumann University.

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 24TH • 11:30 AM – Group tour of Eastern State Penitentiary

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 24TH •  7:00-11:30 – THE MAIN EVENT – Nightmare Before Halloween
Philadelphia Mausoleum of Contemporary Art (PhilaMOCA)

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 25TH • NOON-Private Tour of Laurel Hill Cemetery

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 25TH • 3:30 PM – Book Launch for Battle Without Honor or Humanity & Fringe Fiction Forum Farley’s Bookshop

Mike Arnzen

Mike Arnzen reading. Probably something creepy and gross. Just a hunch.