My family had a wonderful opportunity to take a train ride today that originated from my hometown. Thanks to the Allen County Museum and Historical Society ,and the Cincinnati Railway Company, we were able to ride the rails owned by the the Genesee & Wyoming Railroad for a few hours on a beautiful Saturday morning. The ride ended near the Quincy High Bridge after it crossed the Great Miami River. Probably means very little if you aren’t familiar with the area, but it was a pretty serene trip through the countryside.


I haven’t taken a train anywhere before (other than taking ones at the zoo, or amusement parks). It was relaxing. The ride was soothing, almost hypnotic. It actually put me into a peaceful sleep, until one of my kids decided to jump on me.



It was interesting to see how many people turned out to see the train pass by. At every crossing, there were cars lined up, the drivers and passengers standing with cameras at the ready. Some were videotaping, some taking pictures, but pretty much all were waving as we passed them.

We waved back.
image6 image5

It’s really too bad train travel is so difficult today. I think it would be a fun way to travel from time to time. For me, if I wanted to go by Amtrak, I’d have to drive around two hours in order to get to one of their stations, and then, most of the departures I’m interested in leave in the wee hours of the morning. I suppose if I want it bad enough, I’d do it, right?


Maybe next year, maybe the year after, I’ll catch a more modern train out to destination slightly further away. I suppose for now, I’ll settle for this short jaunt on a historic rail car, on an early Sunday morning. image7