Recently, I was sent a link to a great blog post showing tons of science fiction/fantasy novels which featured cats on their covers. You can check that post here. In the tweet, I was asked where all the covers were with dogs? Good question. I needed to remedy that. So I set about sniffing out all the dog covers I could find.

So here, in no particular order, are a number of genre book covers with dogs on the cover. I tried to stay with scifi and fantasy, but strayed a bit. It’s sooo easy to find horror covers with dogs – I used a few werewolf covers – but tried to keep those to a minimum. I also strayed (STRAYED! I didn’t even do that on purpose!) and added a couple of non-genre books, just because I liked the covers. I stayed away from romance novels mostly because there are a LOT of werewolf covers. A lot. 
Now, while I’ve tried to pack as many covers as I could into this post, this list is by no means exhaustive. I’ll do another post if I need to and would be happy to take suggestions. Admittedly, in this first round, I went for the low hanging fruit. There are a lot of covers with ‘dog’ or ‘hound’ or ‘wolf’ in the title. Sorry. I tried scanning databases of covers based just in the categories of science fiction and fantasy, but man, there are just scads of books out there. 
Finally, I know ‘dog’ does not equal ‘wolf’. Work with me here. 
With that out of the way. 



 Finally, some covers from Stephen King. I included a number of the variations for Cujo: