April is Poetry Month and whether you know it or not, I’ve had quite a bit of poetry published over the last few years. I’m still writing poetry, but focusing more on my novels. For the month of April, I’d want to introduce you to some of the poets that made an impact on me and encourage you to check them out as well. If you aren’t a fan of poetry, I’d suggest that some of these may change your mind. 

I’ll present them in no particular order.

April 17, 2014

Great American Prose Poems: From Poe to the Present

This anthology was a great eye-opener and introduction to the wider world of prose poetry. I’d had a pretty small set to pull from until I received this one as a gift. It came out in 2003 from Scribner, so it’s been over a decade since it was published, but every piece holds up wonderfully. Editor David Lehman does a great job pulling them all together, with an exceptional introduction.

Some poets and pieces here that I enjoyed include Russell Edson, Charles Simic, Margaret Atwood and Billy Collins. Yusef Komunyakaa was a wonderful find for me, as well as Aaron Fogel. There are many of the early masters represented here, including Stein, Poe and even Hemingway.

If you’re interested in prose poetry, I suggest you grab this one. It’s now available in ebook form, if that’s your thing, but it is a great collection that shows off the flexibility of the form. 

Stay tuned. I’ll present more wonderful poets and books throughout the month!