I was cleaning out some boxes in the basement and came across this: 

It’s an Action Heroes magazine from 1991. Check out the cover and you’ll get the general idea of what the magazine is all about. It’s little stories on movies that were current and coming soon to 1991. This was the sort of thing we had before the Internet. This and Entertainment Tonight. That was it, if we wanted to know about movies.
Let’s take a look inside. You’ll notice by the cover, that things haven’t really come a long way for action movies. Terminator? Dolph Lundgren? Jack Ryan?

 Here is Dolph Lundgren in his prime. This is for Big Trouble in Little China. He’s had that resurgence lately, thanks to the Expendables movies.

 Speaking of a resurgence… In 1991 you could buy a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Raphael mask for a mere $31 plus postage. If you order now, you can have it in time for the opening of the next TMNT movie next year.


 In a magazine full of action heroes, who is America’s greatest cop? Leslie Nielsen. 

Here’s another look at Arnold from Terminator II. Hey! Aren’t they trying to make another one of these movies today? WITH him?

The Rocketeer was one of my favorites. Still is. Guess it’s the steampunk/dieselpunk sensibility.
Star Trek? 25th Anniversary? Hey. Aren’t they still making those movies today?

Hulk Hogan gets in on the action, brother! In the excerpt below, Hogan likens his character to the Star Wars characters. “Except that I have a heart. I have a conscience…”
It’s good to see this guy still making terrible movies today.

This is a story about Robocop III. Which forced them to stop making Robocop movies until right… about… now. 
Backdraft! Russell. The other Baldwin! Fire!

Remember when Kevin Costner was an action hero?

Better yet, remember when Alec Baldwin was an action hero? The little caption says that after he did The Hunt for Red October, that he’d be going on to be Jack Ryan in Clear and Present Danger and Patriot Games. Not so fast. Harrison Ford took over that role, and then Ben Affleck took it over, and very recently Chris Pine became the latest Jack Ryan.
Pine, of course , is also in Star Trek. Affleck will become Batman and, just a few years before this magazine was released, Alec Baldwin appeared in She’s Having a Baby with…

Kevin Bacon. Had to be done.

So, there it is. The movie industry is stuck in the early 90s and there is nothing anyone can do about it. It’s only a matter of time before Big Trouble in Little China gets remade, if this magazine is to be trusted.