Warning: Minor Spoilers Ahead.

I like to watch first episode of the first season of AMC’s The Walking Dead, over and over. Thanks to DVD and Netflix, it’s easy.

See, I watch that first episode all the way up until Rick finds the horse and rides it toward Atlanta. And that’s all.

It makes it a heartwarming story of a man who wakes up from a coma and finds the world in chaos. That man, Rick, finds some helpful people along the way who tell him to go to Atlanta to find his loved ones. Rick likes that idea but runs out of gas on the way. Just when all seems lost, he finds a wonderful horse named Sir Speedy (I call him that because he’s so fast that nothing can catch him!). The show ends with Sir Speedy and Rick headed toward the city with a song in their hearts and guns on their backs. THE END

I like to think in future episodes, Rick and Sir Speedy get to Atlanta, meet some other horses (Just like Rick promised) and they all have adventures in the zombie-free world. Sure, it’s a bummer Rick doesn’t find his family, but with the help of Sir Speedy, he gets over it. I mean, a horse is a perfect travelling companion. He doesn’t (excuse the pun) nag you about every little thing; if you tell a horse to stay in the house, he’ll stay in the house; you never have to ask “Where’s Sir Speedy?”, you pretty much always know.

So, that’s my Walking Dead recap so far. If this isn’t how you remember it, please keep it to yourself.

Join me next time as I recap that wonderful 10 minute short story, Lost.

*The photo is the cover to the box set. Don’t you hate it when they give away the ending like that?