Come celebrate ten years of great horror and suspense with
Raw Dog Screaming Press on August 3rd from 1-3. They’ll launch their
new science fiction line, Dog Star Books, with three new novels. The party will
include author and editor workshops on writing and poetry, activities for kids
and cake. The authors will be available for autographs throughout the event.
1-1:30 – author introductions and welcome
Writing workshops
1:30-2:15          Steampunk
discussion with the Airship Archon
Breaking Bad: When
Narratives Collapse
2:15-3                Poetry Workshop
Desire, Morality and Arena Rock in the Publishing Industry
Children’s Activities
  •  Steampunk Dress-up
  • Airship Races
  • Coloring
  • Story Time
  • Ghost Tours

For the full weekend schedule: