Science Fiction & Fantasy Saturday

This is the latest snippet from my novel, Odd Men Out, which will be released this summer from Dog Star Books.

In the first snippet we met Lucinda and Cyrus, part of the crew of a transport vessel called a Turtle. A disaster befalls them and they are barely saved by an airship. The crew of the ship, led by Lyle Cashe, work for the government’s Office of Military affairs, the O.M.O.

In this snippet, Cyrus and Lucinda have been asked to join the crew of the airship. Cyrus has voiced his concerns about the potential dangers to his companion.

Odd Men Out Snippet #3

Lucinda got calm
and stared out again at the sky. “You’re off the hook, Cyrus.”
“When I came to
you, I needed a place to work and a meal, not a guardian. I don’t know how you
got it into your mind, but I never asked for your protection.”
“I don’t…”
“Cashe and his men
saved us when we were in trouble, now I feel like I owe him a debt,” Lucinda
said. “You can go on without me.”
“That’s it, no
more discussion?”
She turned and
descended the stairs without looking back.
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