Hey everyone! This is my second snippet for Science Fiction Saturday. 
This is from my book, Odd Men Out, which is being released by Dog Star Books this summer. I’m very excited because we get to reveal the cover for it this Tuesday! Stop back and let me know what you think on the 12th. 
In the first snippet, we met some of the good guys. In this one, we get to hear from the bad guy. 
The Civil War ends in a truce, creating two separate countries in the north and south. Not everyone is happy about this, least of all Tom Preston. He leads a small faction from the north that wants to get things back to normal, with the Union in charge again. 
Here, he talks to some of his troops, to get their morale up.

Odd Men Out

Snippet #2
“I’ve been handed
information that one of the Union’s greatest minds has left us the means to
strike back. All we have to do is seize it,” Tom said as he produced the
picture. “This is a device created by Dr. Simon Poley. Rumor has it, this weapon was under construction to end the conflict just as the President gave up.”
The gathered men
were nodding, pushed by this statement of purpose. Tom felt the energy of his
words spread and continued. “With this, we will level the southern
capital. With our actions, brothers, the North shall rise again!”

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