Welcome to another Steampunk Sunday. This week we start looking at the forefathers of the genre. I want to start with a favorite writer of mine, who really doesn’t always get the credit he deserves when people are naming early Steampunk works.

Edgar Allan Poe

Don’t get me wrong, everyone knows what a terrific writer he was, but his horror and mystery writing are usually pretty high up on his resume.

For me, stories like the Pit and the Pendulum, Murders in the Rue Morgue and The Balloon Hoax all fall nicely into the steampunk genre. And it looks like I’m not alone. The Wired Geekdad blog talks about Poe’s influence here, where they also talk about a recent book called Steampunk Poe. This book takes a number of Poe’s poems and stories and add some pretty awesome steampunk illustrations.

Tor.com also had a great post on their blog asking “Was Poe steampunk?”  S.J. Chambers examines the link between other steampunk writers such as Verne and Wells, and how Poe influenced them. The post also goes into great detail in discussing stories from Poe with a steampunk flair. Check it out, it’s really makes for a great read.

Join me next week for more Steampunk Origins on Steampunk Sunday!