I’m sharing a snippet from my novel Odd Men Out, coming out this summer from Dog Star Books.

This section takes place early in the first chapter. We’ve just previously met Cyrus, the captain of a transport vessel and two of his associates, Lucinda and Lester. Their transport, the Turtle, takes passengers safely from one coast to the other.

Odd Men Out

Snippet #1

Lucinda stepped
out onto the deck. “Crew meeting I wasn’t informed of?”
Cyrus hiked his
thumb at the boy. “Our lookout actually saw something. Tell’er what you found,
Lester put his
hands on the telescope and looked down at his feet. The high-pitched sound of
one of the Turtle’s massive iron legs rising and then plunging to the ground
invaded the silence.
The boy had a
crush on Lucinda, it was plain to see. Cyrus did nothing to discourage it, and
completely understood the power she had over men. “Found himself an airship.”
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