I was trying to get home last night and it was a mess. We’d had a steady snowfall all day and it had piled up despite the city’s best efforts. I’ve recently started working downtown and had no idea what to expect.
This is what I got…

Wall to wall cars, and I even left a little early. Everyone else left a lot early I guess.

I was sort of prepared. I had just downloaded a bunch of new podcasts the night before, so I had something to listen to. That was lucky, I guess.

But I was in no way prepared for the guy in the SUV that I was stuck next to for close to ten minutes. He was apparently concerned with something in his nose. Very concerned. So concerned that he spent the better part of that ten minutes with one finger or the other buried deep his nostril. It was kind of hilarious.

How do you not look at that guy? I tried, I really did. I moved as far forward as I could, or hung back when possible, but there was no getting away.

While highly gross, it did make a few minutes of my slow crawl home kinda funny.

Maybe that’s not weird. Maybe its just a bodily function and I should just get over it. Nah.

I see people doing crazy things in traffic all the time. This isn’t my first nose-picker. I saw a woman turn at a light and as she came toward me, I saw her with a digit in her nose pretty firmly. I looked in my rearview as she passed and saw the man in the truck behind me had noticed her too and was laughing.

I’ve seen women putting on makeup as they drive, not just at stoplights. I’ve seen people reading novels, texting with both hands and eating a variety of foods that normally would require more than one hand and a little more concentration.

What makes me nuts are the drivers who are texting while their passenger sits and stares out the window. Why not hand the phone to the person who isn’t controlling a speeding vehicle screaming down the highway? Seems a little safer, no?

I know I’m not alone, you’ve seen these people too, right? What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen someone doing in a moving vehicle?