It’s Alive!

I’ve put the last few hundred words down and I’m officially calling the first draft done! It needs a ton of work in the second draft, but the first is done. I hit 81,428 words yesterday and slowly backed away from the laptop. I’m happy with where I’m at, I just had to fight the urge to go back and start correcting things and doing rewrites immediately.

I plan on letting it cool on the windowsill for a few weeks before jumping back with a knife and fork. I always like to leave a piece alone for a while and get some distance before jumping back into it. That way I can look at the big picture before tackling things that are still fresh in my mind. Helps with the overall picture, rather than fixing a little bit here and there that might otherwise be taken out or have to be changed again due to a something that comes up earlier in the story.

Do you allow for a cooling off period or do you jump back in right away?