The L.A. Police have a plan to control unruly inmates. It involves a new-fangled machine called the Assault Intervention Device, which was a military weapon in a previous incarnation.

What’s it do? It “…sends highly focused beams of energy at people and makes them feel as though they are burning.” according to the article.

Uhhhm. That sounds bad.

According to Cmdr. Bob Osborne, the sheriff’s department’s tech guy, “The neat thing with this device is you experience pain but you are not injured by it,” Osborne said. “It doesn’t injure your skin, the beam doesn’t have the power to do that.” He goes on to call this a more humane way of dealing with disturbances.

The Los Angeles County sheriff’s department plans to install the first device by Labor Day, where it will undergo a six-month trial.

The device is “tantamount to torture,” according to the ACLU. They point to early military versions that left lasting burns on test subjects. They also suggest the technology is like putting a ray gun at a county jail.