There’s an article on Yahoo! News that originated with US News and World Report called “21 Things You Should Never Buy New“.

Number one on the list is DVDs and CDs.

Number two? Books. Their reasoning? “You can buy used books at significant discounts from online sellers and brick-and-mortar used book stores. The condition of the books may vary, but they usually range from good to like-new. And of course, check out your local library for free reading material.”

Believe me, I love the libraries and I frequent used book stores. But to suggest you should NEVER buy new books is just painful.

First of all; Unless I’m mistaken, authors don’t see a dime from used books. They only get paid when you buy a new copy of their work.

Second; where do they think all the used books in the used book stores come from?

I understand the troubled economy, I understand the need to save money, but this advice is just stupid. It’s suggesting you not give any authors money for the work you’re going to take home and enjoy.

I’m not saying to go out and buy every new release in hardback, but a paperback from time to time would help!

What’s funny (or sad depending on your definition) is there’s a link within this page promoting another story called “Ten Things to Splurge on this Summer“.

First on their list? Coffee at Starbucks. Of course! Don’t buy a new book, but rather, spend that same money on a single coffee! Excellent!

Other things on the list to splurge on? New shoes, a fancy meal, handbags or backpacks.

Thanks US News for helping us prioritize!