I really wanted to be done by now. I planned on being done by now. But it didn’t happen. I know I’m whining a lot about how bad work was recently, but it really was a rough couple of months. I got almost zero writing done in April and May, and very little in March. It threw everything off: the book, the short stories and any poetry I was working on.
I’m back on track though, now that the workload at my day job has gotten lighter. I’ve written about 12,000 words on the novels (altogether, not each!) and started reshaping some poetry.
My main problem is focus at this point. I was really slamming away at the steampunk novel I’ve been so excited about and making great progress. I was very content to let the urban fantasy idea sit idle, even though it was over halfway done. The steampunk novel is based on a short story I wrote recently, that got some favorable reviews from my group and others. A couple of weeks ago, the story got a rejection from a magazine that I really enjoy. Normally, I would read the rejection and make notes, but I wouldn’t revise the story. It usually goes out a few more times before I try changing it.
This time, though, everything came to a halt. Why? Because they were dead on about everything they didn’t like. There were things that simply don’t work in the short story that I completely overlooked. The thing is, those same items make perfect sense in the novel, because I have tons of room to expound and explain them. In the short story? Not so much. They hang out there waiting for a reader to ask why they’re there. In the novel I have answers.
So, what brought me to a halt was the desire, the need to make the short story work, so I can get it back out there. Of course, this would take away time from the book.
My solution is a devious one. I’m going to ignore the steampunk story altogether – the short story and the novel – and work on the urban fantasy. The goal is to finish it in the next month. That would make me happy. A good first draft by, say, mid-July. I would do a little dance. That means about 30,000 words in about 30 days. I’m currently writing about 1,000 words a day. Doable.
The thing is, if something happens, if I get blocked, I can always switch back the steampunk, no? Win-win.

33,801 / 80,000 words. 42.2% done!


52,450 / 85,000 words. 63% done!

Cover me, I’m going in.