April is poetry month and there are always celebrations and readings at libraries and colleges, but I rarely see the speculative community make a big deal of it.

So, I decided I’m gonna make some noise about it.

Throughout the month of April I’ll be posting links to places you can find good speculative poetry online. I’m trying to show that there are tons of places out there with easily-accessable, excellent poetry. Along the way, I hope you find some cool poets you can enjoy and publications you can support.

I’ll also post some articles, essays and possibly a rant or two about speculative poetry.

Last, but certainly not least, I’m going to give some stuff away. Some collections, chapbooks and other stuff from excellent spec poets. I’ll announce the books and how to win them as poetry month goes on!

You can see what’s going on to celebrate in your state by using the map on poets.org.

Hopefully, you’ll dig what you find this month!