My son likes a show called Special Agent Oso. It’s on the Disney Channel and involves a secret agent teddy bear with spy gadgets helping kids learn to do various tasks.

I’m a scifi writer and poet with minimal interest in watching Special Agent Oso episodes over and over again.
What common ground could we come up with on rainy Sunday morning?

Building a jetpack, of course!

Cal always thinks it’s cool when Oso has a jetpack, so I suggested we build one of our own.

He agreed.

We got together some plastic coffee containers, instant oatmeal cylinders and tape, and we got to work.

After almost an hour, we had a working model to zip through the house with.

It was a lot of fun to build and Cal really helped.

After his afternoon nap and my run to the coffee shop to write, we reconvened in the lab and put some added touches on it. These mostly consisted of various kinds of colored tape: gray duct, black electical and blue painter’s tapes.

He zooms through the halls whooshing his jetpack sound as he goes. He really digs it and it wasn’t too hard to make.

Best of all – with that much tape involved, I don’t see it coming apart anytime soon!
The flames coming out of the bottom? I made those!