Ok. So they told me I was nominated for a Rhysling Award for my poetry and asked for my permission to reprint the piece in a voters anthology. But they didn’t release the whole list of nominees until now.

Yeah. It’s a daunting list full of impressive talent. There are poets that I admire and that I’ve learned a lot from. There are magazine and anthology editors who have both accepted and rejected my work. They are all terrific and maybe in the coming weeks I’ll give you a run down of everyone I know on the list.

Let me start with this one.

How about Neil Gaiman? Neil Freaking Gaiman is also nominated in my category!

Not through processing that yet. Not sure how I got on a list of anything with Neil Gaiman. Unless there was a list of people not named Bruce Willis. Neil and I would fit on that list easily.

The entire list is amazing and I’m thrilled to be there. I’m kinda tingling, but that might be a stroke or something. Possibly too many Pixie Stix with lunch. Don’t know.