Just made it into Cincy for Millennicon.

Made it through the mad rush at the registration table and I’m settling into the room. Already ran into the Guest of Honor, S.L Farrell in the lobby.

Also managed to say hi to Mr. Jim Hines as he headed for the lobby. He makes you call him Mr. Jim Hines, even in casual conversation. Hopefully I’ll have time to talk to him later. I always have interesting conversations, even if they tend to be brief. His book, the Stepsister Scheme was wonderful.

Tonight, the only thing I’m participating in is an autograph session. This should be interesting, it’s a session with all of the guest of honor and other well-known writers. I participated in one of these at Context last year and I felt a little silly sitting at a table with my chapbook of poetry while authors with multi-book deals sat around me. I got over it though, when I actually sold a few. The difference is, that Millennicon doesn’t have any poetry programming, whereas Context did.

Of course, that con was near Halloween and I had candy on my table to lure in the unsuspecting. Rats. Should’ve planned ahead.