Can’t believe a week has gone by since the last post. Still having computer problems – it’s in the shop now, hopefully I’ll be back blogging with some frequency soon. My wife lets me use her laptop, but it’s like driving someone else’s car, you know? Nothing’s where I like it, the seat is set all funky and the presets on the radio are all wrong.

I managed to knock out a measly 300 words on the novel. I know, it’s not much but it’s actually the first real work I’ve managed on it in the new year. It felt good. It was the start of a new chapter and I’m ready to keep going on it. Yay progress! This puts me at somewhere around 55% of my projected total. If I had my computer up and running, I’d give you the exact count, but oh well. You can get by without the tally and cool progress bar for a bit, right?

I also managed to edit nearly a thousand words out of my steampunk novellette. I didn’t think I could trim it anymore, but there you go. It felt good to bring it down in the WC, and I think I still need to get a little more cut.

I did manage to get my latest column done for the Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers. It’s about setting and meeting goals for the year. That one should appear in a few days on the site. Also, I’m going to start reprinting some of the columns I’ve done for them here on the blog. I figure I have a year under my belt, might as well share them here, right?

I’ll try to check back in more often this week!