No idea how these reviews came out so close together, but I got another nice one in the mail today. The latest issue of Star*Line, which is the Journal of the Science Fiction Poetry Association, came in the mail today. I was looking for it, because it’s their special prose poem issue, which my poem, “The Night Godzilla Dumped His Chick” was accepted for.

Being that they seem to go in alphabetical order, my poem was right up front. By the time I got the back, I found a review of… come on, guess… I’ll wait… Yes, my chapbook. I sent them a review copy, but didn’t expect much, so I was surprised to see a full page review of it. Even better, it is almost entirely favorable. The only negative I found was the suggestion that I may occasionally include a bad pun in my work. I got no problem with that. I’ll own that one. In fact – What has two thumbs and likes to pun? This guy.

It is a really nice review by Joshua Gage, who peels back some of the poems down layer upon layer. I’m very thrilled.

It isn’t available online, as far as I know. But here’s a couple of highlights.

“These pieces serve as wry critiques on classic horror tropes and offer a lighthearted look at the beasts that once served to scare us.”


“This book serves as a palate-cleanser from more serious and heavy-handed speculative poetry.”

I’m very happy, this is a pretty cool review in an important journal for scifi and horror poetry. Yay me!

Full disclosure – the reviewer calls me Mike at the end. Ugh. That’ll bring you back down to earth quickly.