Ah yes, after being so excited about having fixed my computer myself, I can only hang my head in shame as it crashes again. This time it ain’t coming back via any means I can conjure. It’s headed for a repair shop come Monday.

Anyhooooo… hope you all had good holidays and your new year started well. Last year ended and the new one began with terrific reviews for See No Evil, Say No Evil. That’s always a good thing!

Aaron Polson posted a great review over at Skull Salad Reviews. He actually posted it back on December 22 and I twittered about it, linked it for my writing group, put it on Facebook, but deglected to post anything here. Sorry for the slight but that was about the time things all crazy holiday-style.

Aaron says “See No Evil, Say No Evil collects some fine examples of speculative poetry that manage to cut a razor’s edge between funny and poignant without alienating a reader.”

The rest of the review is just as generous.

The last review is from Anton Cancre. He mentioned me in his wrap up of the Context conference, and now he’s gone and done a full review of See No Evil.

This is actually the longest review of the book yet and he goes into some detail about a number of the poems. I won’t spoil the review, but here’s my favorite line…

“First off, any fool can write poems about the wind through the trees or the sexual implications of a flea, but he writes about cool stuff like Godzilla and werewolves and robots and super villains and Elvis. That’s right: Elvis. Suck on that, Angelou.”

Ladies and gentlemen, I think I have a blurb for my next book. Or I may have stickers made up to put on the cover of this one.

See No Evil, Say No Evil – Suck on that Angelou!

I’d need just the right font, but I think it could work!

I’m very excited about the great word of mouth this chapbook has received. I’m really hoping to get out to more places to do some live readings. I really enjoy doing poetry readings and just don’t get out enough.