You all know the old saying “See a penny, pick it up, all day long you’ll have good luck” or some version of it, right?

So I’m coming back to my cube and on the floor of the cube next to me is this penny. Yes, our office carpet really does look like that. I started to pick it up and remembered that I dropped some change when I was leaving for lunch and that this penny must be a coin I missed.

So if I pick it up, will I have good luck or am I just reclaiming my own money and nothing more? Does it become “A penny saved is a penny earned” at that point? Should I actually leave it for someone else to have good luck or will it most likely be swept up by the cleaning crew since no one wants to bother picking up pennies anyway?

If anyone would like to get lucky, I’d be happy to give you directions to my cube.

Wait. That didn’t sound right.