I found a bunch of action figures from when I was a kid. I’m cleaning them up to let my son play with them. Not the really valuable ones, of course! Not my original Luke Skywalker with retractable lightsaber! Are you nuts?

No, no. I’m letting him have the old Adventure People. Remember them? No? Am I that old? Yikes. If I’m that old, they may be collector’s items! I used to have a fire truck with a ladder that went up and down for the Adventure People firemen. I remember it because the truck made such a puny siren sound, as if apologizing for causing anyone alarm.

A-hem. Excuse me? May I possibly get through? There’s a cat food warehouse engulfed in flames across town and I’d very much like to get to it. If it’s no bother.

I also remember having the Adventure People news van. Maybe that’s why I went into news? Could be. The news van came with a reporter with the largest afro I’ve ever seen on an action figure and a gruff but lovable news director, a la Lou Grant. (Anyone? Lou Grant? TV show? Asner? Where is my driver’s license? How old AM I?)

Look at that face. What kid wouldn’t have hours of reporting fun with an action figure like that? In all honesty, the news van became a battle wagon, and the gigantic video camera later became a surface-to-air missile launcher, but only after the action news team got their story!