I haven’t had time to try to raise my laptop from the dead yet, so I have no idea what to do with myself. I can check my email at work, or use my wife’s laptop when I’m at home, but all my files are on my computer. I have versions of them backed up on my back up drive, but all the really recent – last week or so – stuff is on that laptop.

I’ll have time to work on it this weekend and hopefully get it going without much trouble. In the meantime, it’s been weird. I don’t know what to do at lunch. I usually go to a coffee shop and write, or edit or do blog stuff, but for the last week I haven’t been able to.

I managed to read a book, get Christmas shopping done.

It’s not natural. I should be writing.

Is this how all the “Norms” live?


Oh, and a side note. The temp here has been in the 20s-30s at night and still up around the 50s during the day, so it’s not too bad yet. Still, I feel the email I got today from the realty company that rents the beach house we stayed at in North Carolina was a bit mean-spirited. They weren’t exactly taunting me, but the huge picture of the sunny beach they sent was over the line.