Sorry I’ve been absent from the blog – the holiday, a stupid cold and a laptop crash have all made the last week or so pretty crazy. I’m still working on the laptop issue, but the rest is nearly over with.

I got an email letting me know the tenth (and latest) issue of A Thousand Faces is available. ATF is a journal dedicated to superhero fiction. It has a flash piece of mine in it called “Everyone is the Hero of their Own Movie”. This is a odd story for me in that I pretty much wrote it and sent it off without too much laboring over edits and such. I had the idea, put it on paper and then did a little editing as I typed it in the computer. As soon as I sent it off, I was sorry I did. I immediately felt I should have worked harder on it or fleshed it out more.

When I got an acceptance for it, I cringed. This story is going out into the world as is? Ugh.
A few months later, I got another email asking me to look over the proof for the story to make sure it was right. I let it sit for a week. I nearly withdrew the story, but it was too late. Then I almost just ok’d the proof without looking at it just so I didn’t have to think about it. I finally figured I may as well check it out. Hate for it to have mistakes in it, as well as be terrible.

The read was interesting. Since I didn’t labor over the initial writing, and it was well over six months since I last looked at it, it was kind of like reading someone else’s story. I enjoyed it quite a bit. I remembered a couple of things that I couldn’t decide on initially, and liked the desicions I made.

I’m not bragging about my amazing writing skills here – I think I’m suggesting that I trusted my instincts as far as story goes and it worked out for me. As I said, this isn’t always the way it goes. I usually do several passes and then take suggestions from my critique group before the final version goes out.

Maybe the shorter, flash pieces come out better when I go it alone?

In this particular case, I’m glad I trusted my instincts!

This marks my second flash piece in A Thousand Faces. My first, “Officer White Takes a Sick Day”, appeared in issue #1.