A story from Reuters out of London says that more people that work in finance are having affairs these days. They site an online company called IllicitEncounters.com, who claim enrollment by bankers is up partially due to the economy.

Here’s the part that gets me. They surveyed 600 of their members within the financial community to ask why they have afairs. Here’s the top ten list:

1. To feel loved
2. For the thrill
3. Unstable home life
4. To escape the mundane
5. Ego boost
6. To avoid costly divorce
7. To lavish attention on someone
8. Because they feel entitled
9. Because they can/opportunity
10. Peer pressure

These all make sense to me except for number ten. Peer Pressure? Seriously?

Come on Jim, everyone else is having an affair.


Mike down in legal is having one.


Lisa in payroll in doing it.


All the cool bankers are cheating this year.


What, do you love your wife or something? Big baby going to run home to a stable relationship?

Ok! Ok. Just stop. I’ll do it. Just leave me alone. Did you say Leslie in marketing or Lisa in payroll was up for it?