Today on my way back from lunch, I saw an older gentleman riding a unicycle through a construction area. They were doing some work on the sidewalk and this guy just glided through their midst, without hesitation.

I’ve joked with a number of people recently that when I was younger, my father was training my brother and I to join the circus. At various times, dad taught us (and learned himself) to unicycle, walk on stilts and juggle. We actually got pretty good at some of it. I was better at the unicycle, my brother could walk on stilts the best and my dad could do it all. I couldn’t juggle well, but could do a little of it while riding the unicycle.

Dad got good at juggling, eventually working his way up to rings, pins, bean bags and lacrosse balls. Couldn’t con him into trying to juggle chain saws or flaming torches, but that’s ok.

I don’t think he was trying to keep us off the streets or anything – did I mention that we lived in the country and had six houses on our street? I think he just thought it would be something fun to do and was about the only thing that all three of us could/would do together.

My application to clown college was eventually denied. I wasn’t serious enough about my clowning around.

As a side note, I was looking for images to use with this and eventually decided on the one above, which I found on the net. Any guesses which site? The United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s page. I kid you not.