Yes, it’s Wednesday and I’m actually posting my WIP update. Imagine!

I updated my progress on the novel over the weekend. I’m at 43,375 words or just about 51%. Not much progress to speak of on that, but I’ve really advanced on my steampunk/horror short story. Perhaps I’ve advanced too much. I’m currently at 9,000 words of what I intended to be a 7,000 words story. I’ll cut some of it in editing, but even 7k is a tough sell. We’ll see how it goes, but yipes.

There’s a great routine in the Marx Brother’s movie “Animal Crackers”. Chico is sitting at the piano playing the same part of a song over and over again. “I can’t think of the finish,” he says to Groucho.
“That’s funny,” Groucho replies. “I can’t think of anything else!”

I think that’s my problem here. Actually both lines there are my problem. I’ve had this ending in mind the whole time, but now that I’m here I realize that I can’t end it like that without explaining a couple of things. And those things bring up other things and it becomes very anti-climactic.

So I’m trying to figure out how to either weave this important info into the story earlier, get by without it, or make its delivery more dynamic.

Writing is, like, difficult. You have to keep thinking and stuff.