I got an email that I’d received a payment for a recent acceptance. Always a good message to see in your inbox.

This was for a poem that was accepted for the Star*Line annual prose poem issue. Star*Line, by the way, is the magazine of the Science Fiction Poetry Association. The name is a little deceptive, as they publish horror and fantasy poetry in addition to science fiction.

They accepted one of my favorite works, The Night Godzilla Dumped His Chick, though the editor asked for a title change and a few edits. The edits really just took out some of the stuff that worked well for me when I do a live reading, but confused the reader on the page. I agreed with them completely.

Not only did the edits clarify the poem well, they brought it well within the requirements of the Horror Writer’s Association! This won’t see publication until the November/December issue, but I have everything I need now to present it with a membership application.

Sooo… Let’s just put that one up on the scoreboard, OK?