Wow. How far into August are we now? Ugh.

July is a blur, a haze. Vacation rocked, but the prep for it, the vacation itself, the travel and the catching up afterward took most of the month. I also got to help out some good friends with their wedding. It was fun, but took a bunch of focus. I’ve also been obsessed with getting a new car, and that search has been nothing but a pain in my rear.

Why am I telling you this? Come on, you know why I’m telling you this. Its time for everyone’s favorite Internet game show…




Yeah. Not a lot of writing got done in the month of July. Not as far as the novel is concerned, at least. I wrote and submitted a considerable amount of poetry, but I looked at the novel last week and found the most recent update I’d made was on the last day of June. Of June for crying out load!
I immediately sat down and wrote 7o0 words on it, which was all I had time for, but it felt good.

So, this is where I would make a promise to write a bunch more and make time for it every day. Not going to happen, unfortunately. I’ve always done my best to use my time as wisely as I can as far as writing and I’ll continue to do so.

It always feels good to get into a rhythm with my writing, but when I can’t, I can’t. I’ve been doing a couple thousand words a week up until July, if I can get back to that, I’ll be happy.

How’s your writing effort?

I just got my schedule for the upcoming conference here in Columbus called Context. I’ve attended the last several years and I always have a good time. Most of the panels I’m on this year are about horror, or humor, or a combination of the two. I’m really looking forward to it and I’ll share some details with you as the end of the month approaches.