I’ve given up on making excuses as to why I can’t get my Wednesday update posted somewhere around, I don’t know, Wednesday. Things happen, right? Call the the Mid-ish Week Update if that keeps you from throwing things.

The book couldn’t be going better. I know I treat every week like a huge milestone, but his one is kind of important – I hit 33 percent on Tuesday! Yes, I’m a third of the way done!

Woo hoo!

I won’t bore you with how the characters are coming together or how the plot is practically writing itself (it isn’t), but I will say the story has been reasonably easy. I’ve managed to keep each character’s thread interesting without running out of tale to tell.

That said, I see some rough road ahead getting these people together in the same room (so to speak). The plots and subplots are good, but I don’t want the small stuff to overshadow the feature presentation. How many metaphor-type things did I just try to use? Oh well. I’ve only got two thirds to go, I’m allowed to express my joy in any way I want.
Two thirds still seems like a lot though, doesn’t it?
Have I mentioned how much I like the art of Adam Brouillette? If I haven’t, I’m terribly sorry. That’s one of his up there. Perfect for today’s post, I think. Go over to his site and check him out when you get a chance!