Wow, I didn’t realize it had been a week since I posted. Yikes.

I missed my Wednesday Work in Progress update and everything. Well, I think I’ll just let it ride and talk about my progress on the next Wednesday. It’ll seem like did so much more that way, right? I have had progress and I’m rapidly aproaching the 30% mark of the book, which makes me happy.

The long holiday weekend was great. We got to celebrate my son’s second birthday at my parents’ house. They have a pond, so we all got to go boating, a couple of kids braved the cold water for a swim, and a pony showed up. Actually, it didn’t just show up, but it was fun and the kids enjoyed it. I’ll post a picture or two soon. I won’t go on with my sappy parent jibberish, but its hard to believe my boy is two now. Time has flown.

Of course it was bad luck that we all came back with some sort of cold and have been sick ever since. I seem to be the worst hit and the fact that I’ve worked 10 hour days hasn’t helped me recover.

So, anyway, I have pushed through and taken whatever time I can to work on the book. I may have talked about my creative process before, if so, skip down to the picture and ignore the rest of this…

When Cal was first born, I started really using my commute and down time to write stories in my head. I know, everyone does it, but I truly write them in my head – word for word- scene for scene. And then, I don’t actually type that into the computer for a few days. Over those days, I repeat the story over and over in my mind until it’s pretty much perfected. That way only the important stuff makes it, and the fluff falls away. I know, I lose a bunch of good stuff that way. But it saves me from sitting down at the computer and not knowing where to start.
This is a picture of Bruce Campbell. Why? I have a cold and this picture makes me happy.

Hope your week has been productive and all is well.
Catch you later!