Not a bad weekend at all. Got some writing done, wrapped a few things up and managed to take my son to see his favorite train.

Cal’s birthday is this weekend, and we’ll be heading off to see his grandparents to celebrate. This past Saturday we surprised him with an early birthday present – we got tickets to head up north and see Thomas the Tank Engine. Cal is coo-coo for trains (I believe the medical term is ‘goofy for the engines’) so he liked it a lot. We had a little rain, but it wasn’t so bad.

I finished the one column I had to look over and sent it to the editor to see what she thinks. I was happy with it, the closing paragraph needed work and I was able to iron that out better on Sunday.

I wrote a bit on the novel. Not a lot, but got a good ways into a scene I’ve been mulling over. That was very nice. I think things are coming together well dispite my not making a real road map or outline for the story. Hopefully things will pick up momentum again.

I got five, count ’em five poetry rejections this weekend. Of course, the one acceptance I got made me forget about the rejections! What does that work out to, almost a 17% acceptance rate? I’ll take that percentage any day.

Woo hoo! I’ll give some details about that one once I get the contract and make it all official.

Hope you all had a good weekend as well!