Ok. I didn’t get the Wednesday Work in Progress up on time again. Another rough week, but getting better.

Not much progress on the novel – a mere 300 or so words. Pitiful, really. I was doing that over the course of one lunch in the weeks prior to this. Of course we’re so busy at work now, that I barely get time to take a lunch but oh well. Busy season can’t last forever.

As I mentioned last time, I had a couple of columns to finish and I managed to get those done. One of them is off to the editor and the other is awaiting one more edit from me. I’m not happy with the last paragraph but otherwise I like it. So, one of the columns is about 1,200 words and the other is 1,800. That would’ve been nice progress on the book, right? Ah well.

No more writing commitments for a bit, so hopefully I can get back to work.

Hope everyone else has had good progress on their stories.